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The Peruvian system of energy healing helps to bring one’s inner and outer worlds back into harmony.  In the Andes they talk about three centres of power that we, as human beings, posses: 


Munay:  the power of unconditional and intentional love

Yachay:  the power of the intellect

Llankay: the power of manifestation through physical action


It is said that when we learn to bring these three powers into balance within ourselves, there is nothing that we cannot do.  When the three powers work harmoniously together, we can become Masters of Living Energy.  With such mastery comes the ability to perform what the Inka used to call “Kawsay Puriy” or “walking in the living Cosmos”. 


When we are able to walk in the living Cosmos, our lives change beyond recognition.  We realize that all manifest forms are expressions of Living Energy.  When we realize this, our relationship to the world and to each other changes for ever.  We are no longer victims, we become creators and can take full responsibility for our lives.  This is freedom.  This is living.


In these pages you will learn about the various forms of Energy Healing which I offer and which can help you to become a Master of Living Energy and how to walk in peace and harmony in a Universe that constantly conspires to bring us health and well-being.


Neil Brocklehurst, PhD

Manchester, UK.

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