Welcome to 2015

In the shamanic tradition in which I was apprenticed, the work begins in the South direction with the support of the archetype of Great Serpent.  In the Peruvian rainforest, where I spent the first part of this year, there is a mythical version of this serpent known as Sachamama. Translated it means something like “Mother of the Forest”. Sachamama is said to be very large and very old, moving so slowly that all kinds of plant life grow on it, making it very difficult for the human eye to detect.

Sometimes when I work with clients, I start by introducing them to Sachamama. Somehow it helps people to “ground” themselves and can be a great container for powerful transformations that often occur through energy healing.  Sachamama keeps us low, belly to belly with the earth. She helps restore our connection with our inner core and can be a potent force for harnessing sexual energy, which is, after all, our life force.


Perhaps more than anything else, Great Serpent teaches us how to shed old skins - old parts of ourselves that have outgrown their usefulness. 


I hope you enjoy these pages and I look forward to meeting you if you feel called to this deep work of self-discovery.