Welcome to 2016

The Book of Revelation introduces us to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine and Death.












As we look around the world, it would appear that we are now very much at the time of the Apocalypse. More and more of us are finding difficult to cope with what we are living with and living through. From my living room, in England, I see the apocalyptic world through the intermediary of my television. For people in places not far away from me, people perceive its reality with all their senses: war, famine, conquest and death are all around them. We are all affected.

Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl wrote powerfully of the search for meaning in the depths of despair. He also talked about the importance of holding a vision of something different from what he was experiencing in those unimaginable years of horror.

One of my first shamanic teachers, Alberto Villoldo, talks about shamanism as being the “path of the percept”. He says that the shaman (one who sees in the dark) constantly shifts his perception to see things from different perspectives. And in this  constant movement, a path appears which can lead us to a better place.

Now more than ever we need a path, and we also need a practice and a community of friends. In Buddhism they talk of the Buddha (the path), the Dhamma (the practice) and the Sangha (the community). These things are essential.

Whichever path and practice we find, it has to be meaningful and it has to work. For me the path is the Medicine Wheel. Others call it the Hero’s Journey. Mythologist Joseph Campbell described it in great detail in his master work “Hero with a Thousand Faces”.

The Medicine Wheel gives us a road map and a set of tools or practices and most of all gives us meaning. And with meaning we are given hope and with hope we are given life. And when the time comes, even death is imbued with deep meaning and is simply the doorway to a new path, a new journey.

This is my work. It has guided me through some very dark days indeed and each day that I practice, that I walk the path, the journey becomes richer and more satisfying in every way.

I invite anyone who wishes to join me, for a short or for a longer time, on this path of illumination, this path of light.